Children at Valkstone Primary School are exposed to an extensive music program which aims at fostering a deep appreciation and love of music.


Grades prep, one and two children begin learning with the building blocks of music, such as dynamics, beat, pitch and rhythm.   Developing confidence, improving listening skills and expression through movement are prime objectives.   Non-tuned and tuned percussion instruments such as xylophones and marimbas are used extensively.


Children from grade three onwards are taught to play ukulele as accompaniment to their singing.  The ukulele is a very social instrument with a real happiness factor and it’s wonderful to see the children forming their own groups and jamming together. Ukuleles are very portable, cheap and relatively easy to play, which promotes confidence and enjoyment in music.   Organisers of the yearly Melbourne Ukulele Festival have said that “there is no instrument more cool in Australian music right now.” 


A number of other music programs at the school are also in place, to cater for the individual.



Guitar: Interested children from grade 4 up are offered guitar lessons, as part of the school program.


Choir: Senior choir (grades 3, 4, 5 and 6) is held each Monday at lunchtime and Junior choir (grades 1 and 2), meet every Friday at lunchtime. Both classes run between 1.00pm. and 1.25pm.


Musicorp works in conjunction with the school to also offer small group lessons from grades 1 up for keyboard or violin.  From grade 3 onwards, additional brass, woodwind and percussion instruments are added to the list of lessons on offer.   


School Band: There is a school band, which practices every Tuesday morning before school in the music room.      


Valkstone Has Talent:  Valkstone runs a very popular whole school talent contest for both junior and senior classes in second semester.


Whole School Concerts: Valkstone holds a much anticipated concert in third term each year at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, as well as a whole school Celebration concert in December, in the school grounds. 


Children at Valkstone are encouraged to share their music skills amongst the school and wider community, building confidence, self-esteem and most of all, having fun!







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