At Valkstone, we have a lot of fun in our Japanese program. All Prep-Grade 6 students have their Japanese lesson once a week. We have a sister school, Takou Primary School, Osaka and developed an amicable relationship through video conferencing sessions and sending each other seasonal greetings. This year we have implemented iPads into our Japanese program. The children are having fun learning Japanese this way. We will introduce new Japanese learning apps to boost achievement and enhance the learning experience.  Valkstone’s Japanese learning website encourages students to spend time learning Japanese at home. It has games, songs and information about language and culture (  Every year, a Japanese Cultural Day/Japanese Incursion Day is organized where we experience Japanese traditions and uniqueness.  We welcome special visitors to our school to show events and activities – the tea ceremony, Japanese folk dancing, taiko/shamisen playing, martial arts and more.   


Muldeary Sensei マルディーリせんせい & Pam Senseiパムせんせい







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